The Reckoning

The story follows on from The Chronicles of a Border Scout; a murderous conspiracy that grew from the Prophecy of Tandrik has re-forged the bond between Gavin Marshal and Jeni Shearwater. Lady Sheena has placed her son on the Throne after conspiring to poison her nephew, King Thimo of Andorr and is determined to murder the last of the six Black Sword Knights that guarded him when he was Prince Regent. Gavin and Jeni, the last of the Black Sword Knights, having found refuge in the palace of the Brynthellan Envoy to Andorr at Cragandrew, must now escape Andorr and place their trust in Prince Drake, King Thimo’s childhood friend, and the new Governor of Roth. Will Gavin and Jeni be any safer in Roth, where the last Sultan placed huge bounties on their heads?

The Reckoning is Book Two in the Gavin Blackblade series of books.

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