I have been a bookworm since I could read. I was reading Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books before grade one, nearly sixty years ago. I was probably eighteen or nineteen when I started writing stories, because I couldn’t afford to buy books when I first got to UK and it took as long to walk to Chichester library as it took me to read most paperbacks. I wasn’t much of a fussy reader; I just wanted to be distracted from reality and any book that held my attention would do. I am the same with my writing; I take a daydream and see where it leads. My handwriting is awful – I can seldom read what I have written a month or so after I have written it, and as I was only writing for me, I just trashed the notebooks when they were full. Since I started writing on a computer, it became much easier to save and read what I had written. A couple of years ago I wrote a short story called The Well that I shared with friends and family, and then a friend asked to read something else, which led me to re-read, and try and tidy up a fantasy tale I started years ago. The Chronicles of a Border Scout is the first book of the Gavin Blackblade stories. The series is far from finished, but it seems to take me longer to find and correct the seemingly countless spelling, grammar and other mistakes than writing them. I don’t think it is suitable for little kids, but my test-reader friends tell me it is pretty tame and not really ‘adult’ fiction and better than a poke in the eye on a rainy day during Covid-19 lockdown.